[[t]krɔs, krɒs[/t]]
n. v. crossed, cross•ing,
1) a figure or object consisting of two lines or pieces intersecting usu. at right angles
2) a wooden structure consisting of an upright and a transverse piece, upon which persons were formerly put to death
3) a mark, usu. anX, used as a signature or to indicate location, an error, etc
4) rel the Cross, the cross upon which Jesus died
5) rel a figure of the Cross as a Christian emblem, badge, etc
6) rel
crucifix 1)
7) rel a sign made with the hand outlining the figure of a cross as an act of devotion
8) rel a structure or monument in the form of a cross, set up for prayer, as a memorial, etc
9) rel a conventional representation or modification of the Christian emblem used as a symbol or ornament:
Maltese cross[/ex]
10) rel Christianity or Christendom
11) an opposition; thwarting
12) an affliction; misfortune; trouble
13) gen a crossing of animals or plants; a mixing of breeds
14) gen an animal, plant, breed, etc., produced by crossing; crossbreed
15) a person or thing that is intermediate in character between two others
16) spo a boxing punch thrown across and over the lead of an opponent
17) law a cross-examination
18) a movement from one place or side to another; a crossing, as by an actor on stage
19) a place of crossing
20) bui a four-way plumbing joint or connection
21) astron. (cap.)
Southern Cross
22) to move or extend from one side to the other side of (a street, river, etc.)
23) to put or draw a line across
24) to cancel by marking with a cross or drawing a line through (often fol. by off or out)
25) to lie or pass across; intersect
26) to place across each other or crosswise:
to cross one's legs[/ex]
27) to meet and pass
28) cvb to assist (a person) across a street or intersection
29) gen to cause (members of different genera, species, breeds, varieties, or the like) to interbreed
30) to oppose openly; thwart
31) sts Slang. to betray; double-cross
32) rel to make the sign of the cross upon or over:
to cross oneself[/ex]
33) to lie or be athwart; intersect
34) to move, pass, or extend from one side or place to another
35) to meet and pass
36) to interbreed
37) phv cross over
a) gen (of a chromosome segment) to undergo crossing over
b) to switch allegiance, as from one political party to another
c) to change successfully from one field of endeavor, genre, etc., to another
38) phv cross up
a) to deceive; double-cross
b) to confuse
39) angry and annoyed; ill-humored
40) lying crosswise; transverse
41) involving a reciprocal action or interchange (often used in combination):
cross-marketing of related services[/ex]
42) contrary; opposite
43) crossbred; hybrid
Etymology: bef. 1000; ME, late OE cros < ON kross < OIr cros (< British Celtic) < L crux; see crux cross′ly, adv. cross′ness, n.

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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